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  1. @robbiboi I don't think i've met you but know you staked robs bow and then fucked up even more. Robs a forgiving guy why not seek him out to fix your relationship with him rather than fix your relationship with vanguard.
  2. Congrats mate, you finally got there
  3. Я могу размазать тебя по полу прямо сейчас. Comrade i have been grinding. Surprised i placed so high! Especially after starting later than everyone.
  4. @TheeMohican you the best
  5. For my noob @robbiboi
  6. 2 EHP, actually happy with that since i played sparingly during the comp. Grats on the levels everyone
  7. Surprised myself being on for this one we did alright
  8. The problem is old style clans failed to adapt to the times. Which leads to the end of an era. This new era is different for sure but adaptability is key.
  9. Where the environmentally friendly Cars at... P is sexual though.
  10. It's funny, you accidentally fed a whale.
  11. Funny, as soon as rot press them for #1 they close. Can't knock their achievements though.
  12. Was disappointed in the gear confusion. Had a lot of fun sniping was a nice change, if i'm honest though i prefer being a magician.