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  1. disappointed in Columbia
  2. One of them guys who would breeze the trial. Glad to see this, good mate.
  3. Unbelievable how tight croatia vs denmark was just then
  4. France vs argentina has the makings of a shootout. Croatia will be too comfortable vs denmark.
  5. Great retarded clan name. Was my first clan too.
  6. Glad i made it to my first fight in a while. Shame i had to dip early. Grats vanguardians
  7. damn. grats chef
  8. Hey, whats good.
  9. Shocking Penalty miss by Peru.
  10. Goodluck, we do do a lot of pvp aswell as pvm. With mandatory events hopefully plan to improve your skills in that area.
  11. Belgium or france
  12. Lost to robbiboi so average pker haha
  13. Goodjob mate.
  14. Cant believe i knew this lad when i was a kid leading a shit clan. Respect
  15. As a Vegan i hope they are roaming free.