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  1. Alcohol can be considered a drug, however it is a shame i liked many of his songs.
  2. Great, very much like Ajax football club. so close to max though, goodjob.
  3. Obviously disappointing with them having to break gear caps etc. Other than that we did fantastic, keeping up with the best. Maged the whole time was quite a hard one. Well done lads and ladies.
  4. i knew we were safe. I didnt care at that point.
  5. This has got me
  6. Rip Loomscapes Pet 2018 - 2018
  7. Invest, lose some at the sand casino, give some to friends, Buy 99s. Also set a lot aside for Adrians +1 fund
  8. was wondering where u been bro, rough about the ban. I hope they realise the mistake
  9. Finally* Grats noob it's about time you got the last level