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  1. 20+ accumulated over the years from training/pures/friends/diff versions
  2. Hey, congrats
  3. I generally don't care too much into people's histories and a lot can be made up for when sketchy shits there but when I read topics like this I always have two thoughts "they want to rejoin again" and "they will have to prove that things have changed and not compromising anyone else in the clans community". They tend to go hand in hand if it is the case with you then I hope you are interested in doing what it takes to regain people's trust. Oh and I hope you've apologized to Robbi above all else, if he was willing to move on then I think everyone else ought to be able to as well.
  4. Have seen you in the cc several times now, seem pretty legit
  5. Hey, had no idea you were around.
  6. feast
  7. hey bud
  8. Hey Robey How cool is Dunkz
  9. nice1
  10. hey
  11. Please make it stop
  12. 1 task, b2b this, 3 whips in total, ok rs