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  1. It's the Wildy: you can kill with no regrets. If they did DC then that sucks for them, but everyone should still consider the risk of DCing when entering PvP zones.
  2. Congrats guys, great to see all the CWA practice paying off with some wins.
  3. Nise work.
  4. Kick #15 from the clan.
  5. V nice although burn that DDS lmao
  6. V good turnout and effort showing Ruin their place. The beef will continue I'm sure, so good luck boyz.
  7. I would really like to see a development team for OSRS which is more proportionate to the size of its player base.
  8. Ahh shame. Still, by the looks of it you guys held your own easily vs DF. What was your max # on TS?
  9. Nice guys good job. How did it end? Also @Dob v. strong freezing and tanking there mate.
  10. You only go AFK Good luck
  11. Completed most of my in-game achievements.
  12. you cheeky lil tomato!
  13. Nope. I've quit the game.
  14. Why am I tagged in this?
  15. I like to keep things simple with a farm run followed by buying my daily battlestaves in Varrock.