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  1. Trial app looks dope! goodluck.
  2. Was a lot of fun!!
  3. Damn... welp I tried to make time and still failed... maybe next time
  4. aye welcome
  5. Wilderness Guardians was my first clan on old school, but other than that the first clan i joined was when they introduced that clanning system and citadels in rs3 was called "The Jive Turkeys"
  6. 1234567890
  7. those notifications though. Also nice to meet you!!!
  8. i blame my work days that i worked personally, but eh... was still a fun comp when i could get on!
  9. Looked fun!
  10. Looked fun
  11. was fun
  12. Hey man!! Gl in your trial!!!
  13. 2 sweet sceptres from this <3 lets do again! (that poor knight though)
  14. 1. That is all
  15. welcome!
  16. Nice
  17. Maybe one day i’ll try to be a warlord again, but until then congratz to everyone getting the rank up!
  18. Welcome
  19. Thieving before NERF PLZZZZZZ
  20. <3
  21. welcome bro
  22. Welcome!