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  1. Unfortunate no sigils Better luck next time!
  2. 1 2 Free
  3. Very nice Ven
  4. Hello Eric Hope to see you stick around
  5. You already know I'm the king of misleading titles And you'll know the imbued heart topic when you see it (or will you?)
  6. .. but it's not heart you're dying for Shame they're about to make Grotesque Guardians easier in the next update, but i'm still glad to get this out of the way. Time for some Bandos to get another pair of boots for the Guardian boots, or hopefully a hilt or shard 1 (need to keep a normal pair of Bandos boots for a master clue step)
  7. hehehe
  8. ...except your Dusk/Dawn time. It doesn't show so please scroll down a little further and screenie again. ty
  9. My apologies. I've updated
  10. fu
  11. Good on ya Tyler. Glad to see you took the plunge