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  1. A for the pickles alone.
  2. Unlucky, literally.
  3. My thoughts exactly
  4. Ahh a corp event.. where death pics are just as important as loot pics BL no sigils
  5. Amacing job sMighty Vanguardians
  6. Hey man, I've seen you around in game before. I recognise your name since I've been through Warriewood on the way to Mona Vale a few times in the past for work (years ago). As a fellow Sydney-sider, I welcome you
  7. I never ever played any sports games, I preferred to play them for real. The closest thing maybe was Mario Tennis on GameBoy a very long time ago
  8. I'm in love
  9. Unfortunate no sigils Better luck next time!
  10. 1 2 Free
  11. Very nice Ven