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  1. Congrats!
  2. Juicy loots, gz guys!
  3. Yes and no, if you have your first 99 cape in the bank and claim your second one then yes but, if you drop it it counts as if you dont have a 99 skill cae yet so if you claim your second one while the first one is on the ground it will appear untrimmed and then youll have 2 untrimmed capes and so on with the next ones Idk if i explained myself correctly
  4. Should do but ill pass
  5. You can always have and untrimed cape by droping the other 99 cape(s), claim your newest cape and then picking up the other one(s) you droped
  6. Prayer
  7. Welcome brother
  8. oi

    Welcome forums! Stay active and have fun
  9. This is just sick @Nolan, forums look waaaaay better now Great fucking job dude!
  10. Gf VnG and CT hahahah
  11. That luck! Gzz man!
  12. Glad you are ok man
  13. Happy anniversary Vng! Glad to be on that graphic!
  14. What a nice performance Tova! Really nice tanks Ty 4 vid!
  15. Gzzz!