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  1. Juicy loots!! Dipin Kings
  2. He was only 28 wtf :c Hearing this news make me sad and think about life. Rest in peace
  3. Welcome to the club!! Gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! @@@
  4. I dont get it...
  5. :]

  6. Really good app, remember to stay active and have fun! Good luck!
  7. Thieving is profitable is ardy knights, shouldnt take more that 1 week to 99 Crafting can be done in like 1-2 weeks with 15m if you dont want to spend like 100m Firemaking is fast af with Wintertodt, just get there till you are 99, no more than 1 week Do Kandarin Hard diary to get 90 Agility, isnt as aids as all say and then do Ardy course Fletching is fast af ith darts/ you can profit if cuting logs/string them Wc teaks till 90 and the redwoods to 99 is afk af Hunter can be done in 1 week with chins and is reaaaally profitable (Hard wester providences for private red chins) With the profits of Thieving/hunter do Herb/cons Smithing at Blast Furnance is fast if doing gold bars with the gloves, if not do mith bars to profit There are some left but i dont know really good methods to do so ill leave it there Gl!
  8. Doing really good! Almost there bro! Gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  9. Welcome Matt! Thats a considerable amount of sets lost Good luck and stay active!
  10. Welcome Ben
  11. i sold your ip?
  12. The most i did was 182, ill take pics in the next trips