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  1. Well done, Demonics can smd tho
  2. :]

  3. Maxed on a private server a day before this was announced and killed my entire mood towards vanilla.
  4. I remember the old Sparze, would of not fit in with this clan. No doubt you've matured over the years though.
  5. Sign my *whistles*
  6. 15 all day every day. Fuck the club.
  7. I'd be hooking dudes up with shit for reals
  8. Fan of Eminem but aint no way in hell I'm giving him more $$$ to run his mouth with. 7.
  9. Bond prices are directly under subscriptions. I lost my $5/mo as well due to a stupid reason but oh well, I ended up quitting for 3+ years so would of lost it anyways. Not happy with the increase but $10/mo for a 3 month subscription is reasonable. Not enough incentive to cop 6/12.
  10. Well done
  11. Superb
  12. I'd lik to apply for Warlord pls