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  1. Lmfao shattered
  2. W, by far
  3. V
  4. Raid 1 items went up because of Raid 2 items. More raid 2 items in the game = decreases the price of Raid 2 items. Lower of a reward from raids 2 = lower prices of raids 1 items. - View by year, you'll see Tbow is steadily stabilizing it's price. Even a 100M range on a 1B+ item should be expected. Warding will be putting a tamper on raids items as well in the near future.
  5. S
  6. 2 slow
  7. O just cause it's bomb AF for being free
  8. M cuz I'm ugly too
  9. Nice man
  10. Fucking hell Lemme know when you max this too
  11. All I need is a nice rare steak
  12. I just rewatch Futurama and American Dad over and over
  13. It's the academic version of an athlete getting pushed through college. P2P IRL course for a quick bachelors.