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  1. I'm highly disappointed in myself and very unsatisfied with this performance.
  2. Kill yourself and rot in fire Well done brother
  3. So proud
  4. I'll toss him a PM letting him know I don't mind lending a hand then.
  5. Can confirm you don't need any experience going into it. You pick it up along the way and rather quickly too. Would be down to do some typing but I don't have the incentive to gather pictures, etc like the old days.
  6. Y'all setting yourself up for it!
  7. Fairy Godfather move over, I got me a new daddy
  8. Not gonna lie, I'd probably quit if it was legal here. It being illegal is half the enjoyment.
  9. Someone got a fancy new TS icon
  10. The clan world we know, yes. The clan world in a whole, no.
  11. Not sure why'd you PK with a single style risking so much lol
  12. Old muscle, new exotic.
  13. Mike going back to his old tactics, love it lmfao
  14. If it was one of the old Halos..... L though