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  1. Thanks to everyone who helped me in the wild! @VnG Kneeled @oneal3665 @Basshunter @Martyrs @^Marvels @it was tommy @Tye @Mike @Venenatis This has been a skill I have slacked on ,and procrastinated for so long. Thanks for the push given by everyone who continued to drive me to go out and finish!
  2. Great Job guys! and all the hard work and time put into it!
  3. Just a drop we got from raids on Saturday, 3 drops for the night wasn't to bad thanks for everyone who is always down to come! we will one day again get the dream!
  4. last, real question is what tea brand do you use?!?!1
  5. l0l0l0l0l0l0l 4 def tho that was low blow! Remember the time @VnG Kneeled got best mager, yet skipped out of hybrid comp?!?!?
  6. I cashed out tonightttttt 3m yaya!
  7. It was a very good time, we all had fun and would be glad to do it again! Thanks again.
  8. Now let's continue to make a pk videoo
  9. Not I! I know you're legit hehe!
  10. Nice! Love your temps mine runs around 70! Lol that 1800 rysen!
  11. L0l! Did you buy it I'm done!@!
  12. I agree with owned long quest or alot of walking
  13. Wanna thank everyone who came out! This was super fun we all for the most part made some cash we definitely need to do this more often before prices start crashing lol.
  14. Yes i got my first drop as a group yesterday was very nice =)