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  1. There are a few of us ! But we are slowly increasing which is good news ! & I’m a Kent lad
  2. Welcome where abouts are you from ?
  3. Welcome Ryan make sure you work on your referrals
  4. Hello and welcome to Vanguard
  5. Yay

    R.I.P Bank but gz on 99 pray sexy asss cape
  6. @Dunkz
  7. oooh its a video of @Jonny L000L
  8. @Dunkz
  9. So what band have you seen live? and why was it special to you? ( if It was special ) Mine were Skinny Twins played in a local pub.. and I got laid lol
  10. @Dunkz
  11. Welcome Have fun in VnG
  12. Gz I haven't got a single drop in my name and im over 100kc
  13. and how did America get on in the world cup?