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  1. God I remember quake like 10 years ago lol
  2. Wheyyyyy Gz @Wales Just 99 prayer to go !!!!! and 58 lvls !
  3. I’ll ref you always willing to help others when in the cc just PM me if you need help
  4. @Lily I’m not even on the list
  5. GZ and to the 3 others who got split
  6. Many Congruatlions Warrie
  7. Welcome to Vanguard
  8. Goood luck if you get cape @VnG Mitch will hand you 100m
  9. Welcome to the forums
  10. Goooood Job <3
  11. Welcome to Vanguard Matt What timezone are you in?
  12. Hello & Welcome to Vanguard:) couple of things.... The picture of our clan uniform your just in Fashionscape… Try a photo of our clan uniform... Why you got so much junk in your bank?????????? You need to sort out a pvp tab.