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  1. ooooo gratzz
  2. Definitely was fun. Thanks for hosting @Basshunter, and @R3CK
  3. Nobody quits RS, welcome back.
  4. Great goal, definitely will make money either way. Not like a pet grind where you could get it early and not make much. Either way you'll be making bank off the vissy. Goodluck man!
  5. :]

    Nice bro goodluck
  6. oooo nice
  7. :]

    any specific level you're going for @David
  8. :p

    Gratz bro!
  9. Been seeing you quite a bit, seem like a good person. Welcome bro
  10. ... lmao
  11. Yo, welcome
  12. 110% 18, might have had a chance if it didn't have to be that rubbing alcohol lol.
  13. Hey

    Hey man, Welcome to the forums. Looking forward to seeing you around
  14. 7 was not an option sir