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  1. nice looties, postcount btw
  2. Welcome to the forums
  3. Long ass Pk trip lol but was fun as hell
  4. Yay

    damn you went in lmao
  5. ready to pk 2k world revs late night for the cake cake cake
  6. Welcome back man definitely a great dude was a great member while he was here before glad to have you back man, willing to ref for sure
  7. 123
  8. 71
  9. lol hellla deaths
  10. gratz definitely nice to have
  11. Hello @it was tommy we're the only ones online right now figured I'd say hello

  12. gz and gl man
  13. Yo welcome to the forums looking forward to seeing you around!
  14. gz man, thought it was gunna be imbued heart drop