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  1. so many kills, gj VnG
  2. I was mori for a couple weeks after I left TF
  3. fkin right
  4. gains looked to have been made
  5. looked fun, nice guys
  6. Final countdown
  7. Was fun, ty for loot rs
  8. Leafs first in the league, you heard it here first @Derek @Starrysenri
  9. Ayy nice one Josh
  10. Nice nice, gl in your grind to 99 range
  11. Nice bro, getting real close to maxed
  12. Was fun being back after a minor break, missed the squad
  13. keep it up Alex, has been awesome seeing you grow your account.
  14. Atta boy, the gains are powerful
  15. Looks like we feasted. Nice guys