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  1. good stuff looked fun
  2. congrats!!
  3. 99!

  4. gj lads, looked fun
  5. keep it up!!! nice post as well
  6. great post man, glad to see you're so close!!! keep it up
  7. congrats!!
  8. niceeee, keep it going!
  9. congrats, that's pretty sweet lol
  10. congrats, huge achievement!!!
  11. keep it up!!!
  12. looked good lads
  13. lol kk so sorry I'll say stagnant with absolutely no growth since I've been playing osrs. thanks for the education bud
  14. lol the clan world is relatively dead bro, and it's never coming back because RS as a game is relatively dead and will continue to die over time. I think most people understand that truth and are just enjoying their last go around the RS clan world before they either quit the game or that world dies for good ( or at least the way we know it does)
  15. lmaooo shit never even thought about it, that's wild