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  1. good shit lads, loving this little rivalry
  2. damn that shit's classic, good times. keep em coming
  3. congrats, keep at that grind
  4. hell yeah footballs coming homeeeee
  5. crazy tournament so far lmao Belgium vs. japan was a great finish, poor japan lol
  6. nice loot
  7. keep it up lads
  8. nice, keep it up
  9. looked like a fun fight and solid performance, good shit VnG!
  10. I believe I was using an acc called stevie28 at the time. Always remembered you as being a solid caller haha
  11. Hey True you probably wouldn't remember me at all lol but I was in UBH for a few months around '08 haha I had a great time in that clan, was a lot of fun. I think you and Thuger50 (if that's the right name lol) were leaders at the time. I only left because @Stevie got me an EoS spare to join them on lmao
  12. I remember being introduced to the clan world back around the end of '05 when@Stevie showed me a The Futures pk trip that he was going on one day when chillin at my house. They ended up getting into a scrap with some other big clan at that time (can't remember who) and I remember being so fired up about clanning that right afterwards I applied for some clan that was like 50+ish reqs called Nightkillers hahahahaha
  13. congrats, definitely a nice thing to have
  14. congrats man thats awesome!!!!