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  1. 73

    This is my 73rd post lmfaooooooooo edit: Also 73 on the end of the topic id lmfaoooooo
  2. very nice job
  3. Happy Birthday VNG, it's been great to watch your journey upwards. I remember that first set of shitty forums
  4. respect for trying lads. Most clans wouldn't
  5. mad rng lads
  6. another clan killed by VnG, #vanguard to spy
  7. ur both shit #
  8. I'd agree with Kill Boy tbh, I don't see what positives can be gained from using Zybez in this manner. Regardless, amusing vid, musta taken a bit to edit
  9. yeh it's pretty sad. I frequently see them near gap and on ven hill
  10. fake tournament it appears to be missing @Icey
  11. grats
  12. loool Anyway, I noticed their references to "nothing left". I assume it's an accident. Sad to see clans closing
  13. reply to unread content