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  1. Poor old lil cards. Nice loot.
  2. Looks a laugh, surprising amount of loot from deep wild.
  3. Nice action boys, looks profitable and fun. CT seem to be crashing everyone atm, guess that's what you do when your clan cant get fights/compete
  4. There's a name i havent seen in awhile
  5. GF, had around 10ish deaths all night, with 5 or so kills which i clocked. You wanted it more last night, and made the most of number advantage, shame SV couldnt gain acouple more to make it evener numbers. Either way nice action, keep it up and look forward to more in the future hopefully . Who you calling shitter, shitter?
  6. Sup Jules, long time no speak
  7. Ill maybe protect you at altar, 2m an hour hahaha
  8. GL finding a minion, surely banking each invt isnt even that slow/bad?
  9. 200m a week and ill intro and spy for @VR Edit: On top of that fuck those kids who come in a clans public and try and recruit "spys", world would be a better place if that sort of people got hit by buses tbh
  10. Printing godswords
  11. The majority of clans looks like embarrassment's these days tbh
  12. Jagex wont love this kinda stuff
  13. Nice stakes, pretty meh pks tho.
  14. This x10
  15. What a babe