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Aldo Apache8

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  1. yeh
  2. that music vid lmao
  3. Nfl

  4. a feast
  5. gratzzz steve op af
  6. lol gz on loot uhh sorry i pulled a ryan? movers came today with our stuff, got home and saw boxes piled up through the window of the bathroom and was like... "oh fuck..." took me hours to clear enough space to set up my computer.
  7. fun, thanks for the scrap
  8. gz dude
  9. cody with the hard carry thanks for hosting, hope it was fun for everyone
  10. gonna throw up I'm also pretty sure that it's contagious. Like if you do a few hundred raids with him, you get infected with his disease. I've had this happen, took me months to flush it out. #enacra
  11. lol
  12. frosted sperm
  13. c