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Aldo Apache8

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  1. gz dude
  2. cody with the hard carry thanks for hosting, hope it was fun for everyone
  3. gonna throw up I'm also pretty sure that it's contagious. Like if you do a few hundred raids with him, you get infected with his disease. I've had this happen, took me months to flush it out. #enacra
  4. lol
  5. suh
  6. frosted sperm
  7. c
  8. was fun, even the one where everyone was on fire for literally the entire Olm fight
  9. suh dude
  10. what is your favorite type of cheese?
  11. im gonna buy dying light 2 when it comes out, and division 2 for xbox1
  12. Eric came into Hallowed PvM, but we were pretty much closed when he applied. So I wanted to try to bring him in here. Seems like a good guy, he wants people to raid with, gonna try to get in him in some raids with Oneal, Piggy, etc. here, and make a Trial app soon
  13. solid guy, nice app Piggy and Boosted were in Team Paradox and Hallowed PvM with me. They like doing PvM, and they're active.
  14. solid intro ++ would read again