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  1. Trolling is fine, just know when to stop. dont get bent out of shape if peoole dont think its funny. Some ppl don't have a sense of humor or are sensitive.
  2. ddos mike for me
  3. Cheated
  4. Guess you were in DI, before me? Dont recognize the name.
  5. Wack sparrow isn't a member. Get to know some ppl for refs 😊
  6. "wich"
  7. Gj on topic dood
  8. Ty 4 your service, and yes runecrafting is cancer.
  9. Gj on topic
  10. Ah yes can't wait.
  11. I hope your not one of those high school wrestling teachers that assault boys, and then it shows up on the news like 20 years later. Ain't Ideal. Hello and welcome.
  12. ty