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  1. ERIC!!! Glad to see you posted finally! You'll like it here I think. Get to know this guy Vanguard, he will literally help you with anything and is so nice to talk to. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž Side note: suck my ass JP, my recruit.
  2. hi
  3. Is the 13 d hide bodies, the 2 mystic sets and just 1 d scim the updated picture? if so, where is the trashcan. Seems to me you just wrote a "how not to apply to a clan" app, SMH.
  4. fake news, hi markito, pls refrain from @ing me in discord or talking to me at all thx. theres only soo much cancer i can take, i politely decline yours.
  5. quite the intro.
  6. oi

  7. fantastic
  8. oi

    I don't remember you leading vendetta, being in chaotic impulse or kill orgy. Weird. Hello tho.
  9. If anyone has TeamViewer I can try and help you. I recently went thru this with my new mic, some settings can be a bit tricky and are easy to over look ( Not guaranteed to fix your problem )
  10. It did, it was changed. (That's why he said thank you marvels)
  11. no wonder you've had trouble, range is much faster/easier big gz tho.
  12. np homie
  13. it says referring him.
  14. For starters @25 gp.. Tova isn't here anymore. As far as sets go, imo it's the bare minimum that you have, you might wanna consider moving your bolts, food, and other nessicary items to that tab as well, as I don't see any but pizzas and addy arrows. It's ok you can definitely work on it. Get your range up too. Gl