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  1. Interesting
  2. Interesting read. I was more relating to the fact that a lot of small teams (jaja, red army, scrilla gang) are a bunch of shitters, but still made an impact as far as attitude in the clan world. When you are applying to a clan, never leave out your clan history, because thats something that will show some means of judgement (good or bad), no matter how small you think it is.
  3. Small teams can have an impact, what teams were they, that you were in?
  4. Hmm a girl's intro i don't hate. Hopefully your a winner and will become my 4th wife, since nancy cheats on me. Welcome dood.
  5. I like your short story book on your clan history. Gl hf here.
  6. hey dar.
  7. E: suck a bootyhole F: suck a turd
  8. Quad i always miss a fellow memer. Join so im not outcasted ty. 😂 Also, i don't think you know finnish?
  9. you are not ghjjf
  10. big props to dunkz' team, yall had me sweatin for the last day
  11. Hopefully you are better than your VR and TR brothern. 😊 Gl hf
  12. Trolling is fine, just know when to stop. dont get bent out of shape if peoole dont think its funny. Some ppl don't have a sense of humor or are sensitive.
  13. ddos mike for me
  14. Cheated