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  1. Waahhh!!! Never lucky! Gz ppls.
  2. It pains me that you referred to rot as #1 and that you referred to yourself in 3rd person. ty 4 read
  3. ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY U NOOB. Reffed 347%. Fantastic addition, like I've said before it would be ideal for everyone to get to know this guy. Happy you are here Eric Also @Mike suck my ass for trying to steal my recruit
  4. i dont see 5m in my pocket for reffing you
  5. If you were to ever apply for member status: You've hung around di's cc before they closed and kept saying for 7 months that you didn't have much money for gear to apply. Whether that was a joke or not, I'm not sure. But if that's the case with vanguard, and hoping to get a member eventually, that simply won't do. I personally think you will not devote the time or effort you should partake here. Community member: I think community member is what you want - which is fine. However they are also not allowed on most, if not all pk trips. They typically attend things in pvm/Skilling comps.
  6. DI taken over baby, don't become a mute like joshpaul, solid ref from me. Great addition. Also how can your total level be lower than mine. 😂
  7. Cringe
  8. OMG! THIS IS SO UNEXPECTED! I would like to thank my clanmates, for always believing in me, always pushing me to flame them at whatever the cost, and of course for being the biggest bunch of goons I''ve ever met. I would also like to thank my mom for getting me a gateway computer in 2001 so i could play Neopets and later on grow onto this beautiful game we call Runescape. I would also like to thank Jagex for Unperm banning me in 2011, and letting me continue to be a spastic. Tldr; Didn't ask.
  9. Let's wish this noob a HBD. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @VnG Kneeled
  10. ERIC!!! Glad to see you posted finally! You'll like it here I think. Get to know this guy Vanguard, he will literally help you with anything and is so nice to talk to. 😁😎 Side note: suck my ass JP, my recruit.
  11. hi
  12. Is the 13 d hide bodies, the 2 mystic sets and just 1 d scim the updated picture? if so, where is the trashcan. Seems to me you just wrote a "how not to apply to a clan" app, SMH.
  13. fake news, hi markito, pls refrain from @ing me in discord or talking to me at all thx. theres only soo much cancer i can take, i politely decline yours.