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  1. I'm glad you mentioned you just want to be a community member. you have way to much on your plate to join as a full member. Also, you still needed referrals, should have gotten those before you intro'd, even if it is community member.
  2. Not a very good introduction, even if you were in vanguard before.
  3. If you are planning on joining as a member or a trial get dt done first before you apply, it shows you have determination to actually join us.
  4. template.
  5. 😊
  6. pretty sure I've seen your pure a few times. i also could be blind.
  7. no no no, im gay and will never max.
  8. Yay now you can actually hang with us on ts instead of in the private channel with Harry. 😊
  9. a bear shits where it wants btw.
  11. Hi
  12. shit clan will stay shit