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  1. good shit
  2. sik

    nice dude grats =]
  3. Pretty impressive VnG, keep it up. Keep up the good work my boy @Mike
  4. Sup

    Hi Bemb !!!!!!
  5. owned. grats friends on the night out
  6. Whats your IRL Name and RSN? William/Will 16 Pray Zerk is my novelty acc Tell us a little about yourself? Hello friends, my name is Will and I'm currently in the Navy working towards finishing my cert in Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). I've been gone from RS for going on 2 months and I was the Leader of EZ from Feb 2017-Feb 2018. I had an insane amount of fun there and learned a ton, meeting many close friends I still keep in contact with today. When stuck in traffic going/leaving work I occasionally hop on Zybez or clan forums to keep up to date a bit. Besides that I enjoying drinking, watching football/basketball and traveling. Past clan History? Pre-eoc -Brutal Force- member (2008) -Flames of Fury - clan friend (2009) -Phalanx -trial? (2010 ish) OSRS Vengeance -warlord (2016) Rev- intro (2016) Elite Zerks - leader (2017-2018) Do you know anyone in Vanguard? If so, who? I recognize many many names and remember fighting you guys in CWA a lot and in wilderness a good bit too. Met Tomato a couple years ago while doing slayer, right around the time I was getting back into clanning. Spoke with members and ranks here throughout my time and always respected VnG. I posted an intro back in the summer but I figured I'd stop by and say hello from a retired old man. Please tell me if my son @Naito is misbehaving and i'll put him in timeout.
  7. grat on your loot
  8. nice progress
  9. looked easy for vng
  10. Sounded fun
  11. I just use it in edge/pvm. I use my clanning zerk for warring =]
  12. You guys have so much potential. If you got someone really PK oriented that could take you to the next level, you would be a force to be reckoned with imo. Grats on the trip.
  13. Current RSN? - 16 Pray Zerk To the best of your memory, list all previous RSNs: - 16 Pray Zerk/ LTGJ Maul Combat level/stats? (screen capture) - (Cba to log out and miss out on the DMM gains.) Country & Timezone? - USA/EST Previous clan & teams? Please be as specific as possible, list your obtained ranking, etc. - Pre eoc: Brutal Force -Member (2009) 3 months Phalanx -Intro (2010) 1 month at most? Osrs: Vengeance -Warlord (2016) 5 months Rev - Intro (2016) 1 month Elite Zerks -Leader (2017-current) 4 months How did you find us? / Who recruited you? - Well over a year ago when I was back in Veng, I was doing slayer at gargs and ran into someone named "VnG Tomato" and I don't know how conversation started but we talked a bit and found out that both of us clanned. Long story short I asked Vanguard for a prep back in Veng and have had Venenatis added for quite some time (don't really tallk much) But I've had Vanguard in the back of my mind for a long time. I really like what you guys are about and if I was to join a main clan, it would be you guys. Clan members you know? - Meh kind of. Are you in the VnG CC during your playtime hours? - I've been in and out before. If 110+, are you willing to do some clan warring? - I'd love to get some CWA action with and/or against you guys =] How much PvP experience do you have in P2P? How much PvP experience do you have in F2P? -I have years of experience clanning, and have honed my skills in OSRS. I didn't take clanning to serious in Pre-eoc because I was young and fucking clueless tbh. I'd like to think I'm decent in P2p. (No f2p clanning experience ever) Which of the 3 Factions are you planning on joining? - None as of now. Just would like to hang around. Why did you choose Vanguard over other clans? - I like y'alls color scheme tbh How do you feel about honor clans? - Respek. Why should we allow you to join? What will you bring to Vanguard? - N/A Summary about yourself: - Hi guys, my name is Will. I've been playing for close to 11 years? In OSRS I've been the most successful. I love Pvm on my Zerk with 16 prayer and currently have the only DKS pet on a no overhead account. I also really enjoy edge pking on that account, afterall that is what I originally made it for. I was in Vengeance when I found out about you guys and have peeped in on your cc and zybez posts since. Now I'm currently the leader of EZ and we are having a sick time; it has been the most fun I've had on OSRS. I have a wife and kid, work in the Navy (specifically in radiology). If you have any questions, just ask Come clean: Is there something in your past that might deter us from accepting you? Honesty will get you further than a cover up. - Elite Zerks' had some early on beef with an unofficial clan called Zerk clan. We destroyed them in under a month and did whatever it took. Reflecting I wish we weren't so hard on them because now the scene is dead besides us. Myself and the leader of Vengeance also had a fallout early on in EZ due to multiple reasons. But the simple explanation is that I didn't want him around and trying to snipe my members when we were trying to establish ourselves. He was posting all this Vengeance bullshit in our discord and I just didn't want it. Since then we have exchanged some not so nice things and he "exposed" me on his wall of shame on Veng forums. But I'm a pretty nice dude besides all that. (The reason we were toxic with zerk clan was because when I went in their TS in the beginning to set up a fight, their LEADER was telling me to kill myself and he hoped my mother got cancer and died. So lmfao he did that shit to himself. Was ez btw.) Finally, join our public discord and insert a screenshot. (Download & idle it as much as possible) -Will do this soon. DMM grind. Screen capture yourself in our character build. - N/A