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  1. Best sig ever
  2. Fun little trip today thanks guys
  3. Gratz to everyone good shit @VnG Kneeled well deserved
  4. Looked like a fun fight. Unfortunately every time we fight Avalon they always have some bullshit going on with their side.
  5. Boof daddy crushing it. Good job
  6. Dear lord
  7. Could expand a bit more
  8. 44?!?!?! great job everyone . That is insane
  9. I like these
  10. Nice to see you back. You have my ref.
  11. VnG owning yet again
  12. Very nice - Congrats
  13. Very nice. Youre getting pretty close
  14. Nice to see the app. would be a good addition
  15. Hello there buddy. Nice stats and application here. Best of luck