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  1. L
  2. This
  3. Haven’t had much time to look but will look later. I’m not to keen on a new skill tbh... I don’t think we need them, plus is will make total level worlds easier to access . NTY
  4. congrats to u
  5. Yes this is it
  6. was pretty ez
  7. Int

  8. Cool
  9. Gz
  10. Sure bud
  11. gzzzzz
  12. Some more fresh blood. Good to see you have an interest in clanning. This can be a good place to start if you are willing to learn. Hit me up if you have any PvP oriented questions or if you want to get your feet wet with some PKing.
  13. No loot that blows. Good stuff anyway
  14. Ty all
  15. Congrats big owner