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  1. Gratz annie.
  2. grats team Mannie
  3. C if it comes with copious amounts of sunblock for my pastey ass
  4. Cheese sticks reminds me of those string cheeses. A, Mozz sticks slap though
  5. Good job vng. Whos the team in the 2nd to last pic? like 60% of their people are just standing there like free kills.
  6. Checking the kill pics for me
  7. Good luck Steve. Don't burn out completely
  8. Sign me up. There's always one league that makes me download ESPN, I prefer .5 ppr scoring by the way. In the middle of both, i think it should be the new standard.
  9. Super close finish for first, I like witnessing the competitive skill comps. Grats all
  10. This looks like ez work for annie. good luck
  11. Nfl

    Whole lotta dolphins fans on here, I'm sorry. Iggles
  12. Grats annie
  13. Grats, now Annie can go raiding.
  14. that's free cash monies.
  15. Congrats to Team underdog. I under performed hard, sorry 4wheelers.