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  1. Bronn, give them man his fucking castle. Don't give him the pox.
  2. Probably breakfast, eggs and cheese with some pork roll, toss up between either a bagel or rye bread.
  3. I feel like you had to do some searching to find this thread, and I usually ignore bumped topics, but I actually took woman's studies like 5 years back with my gf and her friend, it was mainly my idea though. I saw it in the still open courses and figured why not it might be entertaining. Ended up being one of those classes that we're pretty memorable, not to much the stuff we studied though. The highlights were: - I walked in and was the only male, so I always got looks at like i was the cause for any type of sexism - She talked about how she bleached her daughters hairy legs because she was getting made fun of at school but wanted her daughter to stand up to bullies of modern day society and teach her to shave but bleach them so they would be less visible - She had us look at pictures in media and the portrayal of girls and boys, it was a picture of a groom holding a girls hand and her head was dick level so it was shown as sexualization of woman, the girl was just like 5 and small.. -A lady bragging about going down to the local clinic and getting 3 abortions and her sister 4, and the teacher was like amen sister. Not maybe take a dick wrapped up and stop being a human cum dumpster. - I wrote my final paper on standards of men in modern day society. I got a C on it, I don't think she even read it. I somehow didn't fail the class. Would take it again just for entertainment purposes, I don't think i learned anything
  4. Was bummed I had too miss this. Looks like an easy W. How has dc still not learned to protect item after 14 years
  5. Congrats my dude, get this posted in the March drops topic
  6. I can't wait until it's nice out enough to start mowing!
  7. Good luck on the levels, that is like 25 more hours of that, could get like 2 seasons of a show in.
  8. Gtatz, one of the pets I'm praying I get before 99.
  9. Set a long goal and multiple small goals. So when you inevitably fail your long term goal you can attempt a short term goal to make your self feel better. It's like a participation trophy.
  10. Watching this journey unfold is a roller coaster, I don't know if I'll be able to hold out for the next update.
  11. His KC says 21 but knowing pur3 his attempt was probably over to pet chance, Grats!
  12. I found some early footage of lily trying to teach ven agility grats you gus came so far
  13. You standing next to your trees and watching them grow? 2k total 2024
  14. 269

    Grats, gotta get that agility to 85 for ardy though. Went to get my qp cape back last night then realized i was 9 quests behind on it...
  15. Gratz Steve, working on the same thing now.