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  1. His KC says 21 but knowing pur3 his attempt was probably over to pet chance, Grats!
  2. I found some early footage of lily trying to teach ven agility grats you gus came so far
  3. You standing next to your trees and watching them grow? 2k total 2024
  4. 269

    Grats, gotta get that agility to 85 for ardy though. Went to get my qp cape back last night then realized i was 9 quests behind on it...
  5. Gratz Steve, working on the same thing now.
  6. ez money, fun Friday night.
  7. Base 70 is so close, like one TOG round. get it pre-2k
  8. 38 35 Rams
  9. Congrats my dude, only 3 to go!
  10. Do it. The laps, not kill yourself.
  11. Congrats Nancy, running through these 99s.
  12. Congrats to Oneals team. Now let's schedule another one when I'm not going on vacation.
  13. Good ole tyras ballista sesh.
  14. A fun little loot filled hour. I see that bandos loot snuck into that loot gif.
  15. Questionable. Congrats steve, Bow, and Iangd!