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  1. Welcome to the forums. Big 3 numbers?
  2. Congrats boosted, I see that HP.
  3. Goodluck my dude
  4. idk how wee werent last....
  5. Holy shit the trash men made it to 4th, we're basically professionals now.
  6. 300m is like accidentally eating a pot brownie then going to rehab.
  7. Will VNG be used as a dedicated event CC?
  8. Welcome to the forums.
  9. Seems like easy monies, was stuck unpacking
  10. You should try something else.
  11. 501 545
  12. 536. Play aggressive. We all know it's really just an ironman in the end.
  13. I realized it was me WCing Teaks for the 2 hours it took to make this masterpiece Had to keep it on the low, if I told people then I'd have to actually follow through with it. The key is to let it sit in your bank, have to play hard to get like you don't even want them. Trying to set the bar for some effort put into these shit posts. pt. 2 coming August 2019
  14. After doing some quick maffs and looking back at previous outings I realized the potential...... I get rangers every 10 clues.... I know what you're thinking If I just go for the Clueless Clue Scroll that's 38 more pairs of Rangers, that's 1.261 Bil.... so what was my plan that happened to take up the majority of May? The Investment 33,670,000 This is the only cost I kept track of dun care I finally followed though with something for the first time in my life For a reference this is what my collection book looked like prior to opening: 5/115 30 completed I wont show all 370 clue loot chests, just my inevitable 38 pairs of rangers So uhhhhhhhhh..... I some how came up short on my 38 rangers although my math is solid But wait THERES MORE! dissapointment All those 9 master clues i got while opening the medium chests Yup, no valuable uniques, no mimics. Soooooooooooo total loot? Plus Leftover Imps, Impjars, and Imp Loot Then uhhh quick sell everything well below cost cause I'm impatient and you gettttttt And with some more quick maffs 63000861 -33670000 29330861 Then you put into scientific notation and get 2.9330861 x10^7 which at first glance looks much larger and makes me not feel as shitty for how much of my time I wasted on these clues and this post oh yeah collection log end game 85/115 400 Clues Thanks for wasting not nearly as much time as I did reading this.
  15. july 3rd