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  1. gz kid
  2. a short little recap of the raid mass, we did 2 raid with 8 people with an alt we manage to score an elder maul, grats KC1 on maul
  3. stfu kid jkjk
  4. Me and brenden made some looot at armadyl today and 9 kills later i get pet ooooooeeeeeeeee
  5. the first clan i joined was red army and it was when i started playing runescape again
  6. l0l mike
  7. we don't take L's only W's SAVAGEBANK878 best fornite playing, i got 1000 solo wins, i am unstoppable
  8. sick pvp tab
  9. really chill guy, good luck
  10. i found out i had to make a zybez acc and im not trynaa do that
  11. gz kid
  12. very nice!!!
  13. we got hella kills