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  1. Nice intro, welcome to the forums
  2. I knew it
  3. I think this is your 5th app. I don't know how others feel but that can't be happening in my opinion. Make this your last app and stick to it. Good luck.
  4. Nice man
  5. Welcome back. If you wanna rejoin then you're welcome to.
  6. A very informative video to watch. I have been keep track of Chinese investments in different countries but didn't realize how massive and orchestrated their plan is. Impressive tbh. Do you think China will eventually become the world's super power over USA or no?
  7. Good app, remember to get involved with he community - you'l enjoy the clan much more.
  8. Take some acting classes, develop a new personality which is entertaining and start streaming. Or become good at rs and go the woox path.
  9. Hey Sparze, this transition from Vr to Vng will be hard as you have spent so many years at VR and also the environment of the two clans is totally different. Just saying this so you are prepared when it does feel quite different. Also, I hope you are interested in joining Vanguard for the right reasons and are 100% sure that this is what you want and not a ruse to spite VR in any way. We are aiming for a healthy, thriving and enjoyable community here and I believe you can be a good member here if you play 'when in rome' correctly. Good luck and I'm looking forward to see how you do.
  10. Hey

    Hey Patrick