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  1. Congrats Robbi.
  2. Vr's quality isn't up to par
  3. I feel bad for Vr cause some cool people in there but they are making the dumbest decisions holy shit. nice job.
  4. xshinobiz was better
  5. Thats a huge ass list. You better have taken some dates to those! Only ever been to drake's concert and I didn't enjoy it.
  6. Ven don't need a mic to lead Plus too late now, would mess up the image hes established
  7. Classic Nolan gfx, nice job.
  8. Gambling should be a hobby where the sources of money should come from not the extra money you have but the extra-extra-money you have. If not then don't gamble.
  9. Can't believe I missed the fight. Was out when I was poked . Looks fun VnG, keep it up.
  10. reck or tomato
  11. yo

    Join Vanguard.
  12. love those
  13. You got some real beautiful dogs man