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  1. ty Mj for hosting, grats on sigils fellas, good trip
  2. welcome bro, enjoy your stay
  3. Whoa nice, estimated ores per hour? Recall mining rune being a big goal back in Rs2
  4. anything cheesy too
  5. you know good folks here, welcome bro
  6. hey Iccarus, hope you enjoy your stay
  7. sup dude, gl on maxxing
  8. Hey Nancy, hey there Lucho. lol ty Mars
  9. thanks for the trip fellas
  10. Yo welcome Will. Curious who was the ranked member you were speaking of?
  11. very lucky , looks good
  12. oo, appreciate it bro
  13. At 15 I was more then happy to be in anything hey Mike, pleasure seeing you again sir
  14. Hey nice to hear from all of you again, hope things are well
  15. RuneScape Name billyd3rd Combat Level 126 Previous Clan History The Stricken Cards, Eternal Honour, Vanguard How did you find out about Vanguard? Runescape Official Forums Who, if anyone, do you know in Vanguard? Looking at the memberlist, quite a few familiar names for sure. Venenatis, Dunkz, Tommy/Harry to name a few. Do you intend on joining the clan, or just saying hello? Saying hello + I desire to be apart of this community Tell us more about yourself. I'm 25, live in the Sf bay area. Retired military service and currently working as a mental health counselor at a boys school. I enjoy music festivals, road trippin', biking and most physical activities. Been a noob on RS since I was 11 years old, I suck at the game but it's fun :3 What are your Interests in-game? afk skilling, pet hunting, minigames, some completionist shit, some group content Anything you'd wish to add? I would say I'm quite a shy yet open and friendly person. Feel free to hit me up for group content or anything else really