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  3. Good effort Vanguard
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  5. Congrats maik
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  7. 2 sets of max pvm gear, 2b in potions/food, 1b in returns, help friends out etc
  8. 9 Cheetos look grim
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  10. Congrats
  11. Before and during playing RuneScape on and off since 2005 I've enjoyed; Spyro: Year of the Dragon - First game I played on playstation, still probably one of my favourites Halo 3 - Finally got an xbox 360 and played the halo franchise for years Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 - First call of duty I got 10th prestige on, still my favourite call of duty Call of duty Black Ops 2 - This game was almost as good as MW2 in my opinion and also up there Halo 5 - This is the sole reason I have an Xbox One over a PS4, Halo 5 is amazing PUBG - Currently play this alongside runescape, it's pretty good COD5, COD4, Halo Reach, Borderlands and Overwatch - also great games I've enjoyed.