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  1. Welcome, what was the name of your old clan?
  2. Gratz mate
  3. Sup Benny boy
  4. Gratz mate
  5. I play Squad
  6. Gratz on the loots boys
  7. Same ^ he is a good guy. Welcome
  8. Jesus you are still around haven't seen you in ages. Welcome to the forums mate
  9. Don’t know what you are talking about. I recruited him.
  10. gratz mate
  11. Congratz, what a great achievement!
  12. Na kid, I don't ref you gtfo. Just kidding haha welcome back brotha.
  13. gratz mate
  14. Gratz bass
  15. This week we decided to step back into P2P CWA. I asked Mike-Cera for a P2P CWA, with 2 single spells fights and 1 Knock out fight. Mike-Cera gladly accepted. For us this was our first P2P CWA in a couple month. We were excited for the new type of fight and we were ready for it. After a slow start in both round 1 and 2 we were able to take it away and end with a solid 3-0 victory. Thank you for the fight VR and we will gladly do it again. Round 1 Ending: Round 2: Round 3 (Knock Out):