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  1. YAYYYYY not last =)
  2. Ummm why is my Name not up there @Lily I got 1ehp at least
  3. On this beautiful day Friday the 13th, I got a little group of men's (plus Reck) together to go out on a little PK Trip. Immediately we ran into VR wasting no time, we started a little scrap. Within 5 minutes VR switched into rag gear (who would have thought?) and we still kept returning in gear. As the fight went on about 10 minutes later, Divine Forces rush in, piling only VnG Members and then began to fight VR. Sad we couldn't of finished our fight with VR so of course we regrouped quickly and went out to hit both DF and VR. After a few minutes of hitting both DF and VR (with both of them on us surprise surprise) we waiting for Vr to get a fall in, which the idiots did of course and we cleared them from the map once again. Thanks for the action Vr and DF. Tell us how you really feel Zak
  4. Just keep working on getting more pvp sets bruh @Brian J
  5. Good luck mate
  6. gratz bruh
  7. yayyyyyy he is back woooooooooo
  8. Finally good to see you re app brotha
  9. Welcome mate!
  10. welcome back bro
  11. thata way guys! great job glad you all went out!
  12. gratz mate
  13. i need motivation to do runecrafting so pleaseeeee
  14. gratz guys!!! and @itzadrianyou better thank him for going with you while you get the pet haha