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  1. Thank you, thought it was something else.
  2. Hi Guys (Tyler, Lily <3) My account was hacked on Runescape. They cleaned what was left of my bank before I quit and my entire friends list which is even worse. Can I please get access to the clan chat so I can come hangout and maybe even play again a little.
  3. The hype for this is too real. It turned from a DLC expansion to Uncharted 4 to it's own standalone game.. it's gonna be awesome August 22nd!
  4. Proof that you were always bad.
  6. boys
  7. It was funnnnn, my spams hopefully help find the piles easier
  8. I guess I am fat.. I broke my elliptical at home just now.
  9. Considering Netflix headquarters is only 30 minutes away from Santa Cruz, yeah
  10. WOWWWW I'm not even fat just overweight compared to my prime years as an athlete in highschool
  11. Awhhh man if I saw this I so woulda chilled. You're moving out here? Cool!
  12. Team Batch still 0 sigils LOLOL
  13. Hey guys, Just filling you in on what's been going on with me. I broke up with my gf almost 2 months ago and decided to take a long break from this game (still don't know when i'll be back). I have been focusing on work and helping the team out there, really enjoying it. I also started a new years resolution of losing weight. My first breakup caused me to gain lots of weight and i swore to myself that this time it's not going to be the same. I have now done 10 days of my diet/workout and lost around 5 pounds so far which is awesome. For my closer friends in this clan, just know that i'm doing okay and look for me in the cc because i do come on from time to time. - Max
  14. damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... cant trust posting shieet online Who the freck is kyle