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  1. who ever gets this post will receive a gift from me... All of you took the bait! GF
  2. StarCraft 1 and 2
  3. I loved these games
  4. #VPA @Cakeboy43 @Wales
  5. The guy told me "You guys are sick"
  6. Now I understand why you people lose +1s.. no protect item and 14 pray
  7. look closely in the vid... I just attacked him once..... He paniced no hard... all he remembers is my short 5 letter name. His IQ went down from the skies... I feel bad for the guy's emotions... all the hype to his cc and pms about the pet... 5 secs after lossing it. lol
  8. lmfao the guy still saying shit about me. IT IS THE WILD BRO. He offered us 5m each.. A lot of people do that just to get away with nothing... BTW, he had enough time to teleport to his POH and use his obelisk... GF pal
  9. WoW I did not know I got 70 points... man thanks @VnG Kneeled and thanks everyone!
  10. First I would log out and hope my acc does not get banned. Second, cry.... Buy my tb without selling my max gear All buyables considering fastests ways Avoid sand casino Crazy pvm and pvp supplies.
  11. lmfao he freaks out when he asks if everyone is lying... such a bs BTW MARS IN CANADA?