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  1. vng never dies #greenheart
  2. who ever gets this post will receive a gift from me... All of you took the bait! GF
  3. gl man
  4. StarCraft 1 and 2
  5. I loved these games
  6. #VPA @Cakeboy43 @Wales
  7. The guy told me "You guys are sick"
  8. Now I understand why you people lose +1s.. no protect item and 14 pray
  9. look closely in the vid... I just attacked him once..... He paniced no hard... all he remembers is my short 5 letter name. His IQ went down from the skies... I feel bad for the guy's emotions... all the hype to his cc and pms about the pet... 5 secs after lossing it. lol
  10. lmfao the guy still saying shit about me. IT IS THE WILD BRO. He offered us 5m each.. A lot of people do that just to get away with nothing... BTW, he had enough time to teleport to his POH and use his obelisk... GF pal
  11. WoW I did not know I got 70 points... man thanks @VnG Kneeled and thanks everyone!
  12. @robbiboi sadly it stays off record =C gj anyways fam