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  1. #brexit
  2. Pm @Out for tips and advice
  3. The British Empire + maik n haxy shall take revenge at the next pkay, nobody diss’s our Queen! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
  4. Would be a great addition to the clan, willing to put in the effort and always down for pvm/pks seems like you was already a member here Ref’d, Goodluck bud btw legend has it robbi has 99 cooking@@@@@@@@
  5. Grats bud
  6. Hell and welcome bud
  7. Grats guys
  8. Welcome and goodluck
  9. Welcome bud
  10. Goodluck bud
  11. Welcome to the forums bud
  12. Zig

    Welcome to the forums bud
  13. Purple Pride!!!!!!!
  14. Congrats bud