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  1. #brexit
  2. The British Empire + maik n haxy shall take revenge at the next pkay, nobody diss’s our Queen! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
  3. Grats bud
  4. Grats guys
  5. Purple Pride!!!!!!!
  6. Congrats bud
  7. Hard clue emote grind!
  8. Grats on 99 cooking and 99 cooking @robbiboi whats next cooking?
  9. Gzz bud
  10. Congrats
  11. Goodjob peeps, another great performance on the back of our last f2p pkri
  12. Finally done, took me a couple weeks longer then planned, so fk u jagex Massive shoutout to @Maik for battling me all the way, unfortunatly the scumbag won because he nerded out and got jagex to save his ass, btw whats your highscore ranking @Maik hello????? @robbiboi @Maik thanks for keeping my hopes up of getting unbanned, i would of gave up after a day or 2 of waiting but i manged to suck some serious balls at jagex Any of the FSK lads that still read the forums also thanks for the support and raiding when it came out, it paid my buyables, and the laughs unforgettable Gzzz 99 cooking @robbiboi
  13. Grats bud
  14. Congrats mate, was fun battling you till the end, the endless flames in Cc have kinda backfired on me lol, will join you in a couple days bud <3 GRATS 99 COOKING @robbiboi