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  1. Not my queen so idc!
  2. Gratz little cook! Took a while before you left the cooking guild! Back to the kitchen now!
  3. Hi there welcome!
  4. Gratz man!
  5. I stopped reading after i saw “my wife” alrdy knew it wasnt going to be true.. cmon guys we all know robbi is the one with 99 cooking.. hes the wife in the relationship.
  6. Looks like you lads had fun! Shame it was gmt bedtime
  7. Lmfao finally man ive been maxed for ages you slow monkey! gratz on your 2nd place hahaha now race me to inferno cape!!!!
  8. Hey man welcome to the squad!
  9. Sweet! Heart next?
  10. After a long journey across the entire world of RuneScape i finally done it! Many paths have been taken, many mountains has been climbed but it was worth all the strugle! Some thought i wouldn't survive and still i made it across. The battle with @Carl in duel for the max cape has left his scars but yet the strongest man wins! Thanks all for the support and thanks for joining in at edge to celebrate this epic moment! We can all laugh at carl now when he gets his cape 3 days later then i do LOL Next aim in RuneScape will be getting the Infernal Cape! A lot to learn in that since i never been at that place yet but sure will be a adventure. Ps. im shit at making topics and pics
  11. Gz with a blind pet! Goodluck to him following you
  12. Reeeeeeeeeee partyyyyyyv
  13. Eyyy man gratz!
  14. Gzz man better than carl
  15. Wrong topic but gratzies!