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  1. Isnt that like no exp/h?
  2. One of the easier skills to gain but yet one to finish on my way to max! If you need me, i'll be fishing somewhere for my next skill
  3. huehuehue we still better then robbi
  4. Huehue im better then you @robbiboi
  5. Yo man i remember you from the days in vitality! welcome to Vanguard!
  6. im a hoarder so cant really say how many of each i did get.. only runite amount i can count was 5k
  7. ayyyyyyy easy skills left to max out boys n girls!! Smithing is my next aim lets gooooooooooooo!
  8. How can cakeboy be #6 with 14,6 ehp? grats all for al gains! did a fair bit myself #roadtomax
  9. So if you are already member you still pay the price as you always did? This lasts forever or does this incrase aswell after june?
  10. I see a harry and a neville... pretty sure there is no Maik in that movie..
  11. Welcome and goodluck !
  12. Congratz all on the promotions!
  13. Wohooo week without skilling was clearly worth it!
  14. 2 kills later OMFG