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Everything posted by Corvo

  1. I ended up making ~2m from that trip. Not too bad for deep.
  2. grats
  3. Pizza, because then you can add whatever you want to it as a "topping" and therefore still get a varied diet.
  4. Every time @Dunkz goes afk
  5. Is that really going to help for runite? That sounds like something that would only help for mining iron and other ores that you mine virtually instantly.
  6. This is so stupid... Dedicated tank armor already exists in the game and it's dead content. Anything they'd do to new tank armor that would prevent it from being dead content should be done to Justiciar. Also its set effect is going to be dead content on release. Who is going to dress up like a frosted sperm to get a measly 15% bonus damage just for your crystal hally specs? Lame.
  7. Do Pringles count? If so then the pizza ones.
  8. From time to time I'll do some especially unsafe riding on my Harley. One time I went 80 between two cars on a two lane road because the old person in front of me was going 40 in a 55.
  9. No and no. I'm glad to have added valuable input to this discussion.
  10. 1: 2: 3: 4: Almost 4m total loot
  11. It's not afk like fishing where you can just walk away and come back, but it's afk enough that I can play on the Minecraft server as I do it.
  12. Myths guild, mining guild, and Tzaar mining area.
  13. Just got the KBD pet at only 263 kill count, woot!
  14. Grats on 99 slayer, and thanks for the gold
  15. I had a lot of fun at that 1750 rev lockdown. Let's do that again soon.
  16. Got it at 86 mining via a runite rock at the Myths guild.
  17. It was a fun week.
  18. Good luck
  19. #10

  20. I have my main and a defense pure that I mostly use for some skilling gp on the side.
  21. We should continue doing corp into this next week as well.