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  1. Just remember guys chop chop!!!!!!
  2. Congrats to Adrian! Don't stake it....and thanks Bass and everyone who came even know I was a hot mess...and ofc thanks @Ekim for helping us out! You guys made the raids worth being there for! The "calling" was perfect loool even know you all had me confused as fuck we had great laughs and loot was made!
  3. yay dirt just what I wanted
  4. I totally forgot I said I wanted it this year lol
  5. Hit me up next time we both are on ts
  6. @Red Fruit hey now you loved my burnt chicken outfit....being a 3 tick chicken made me take the win.....closer to elites with these comps so thank you again for hosting them Mato!
  7. my second one and it gave me booty again
  8. Go try for the pet now
  9. Hey and welcome, hope to see you around.
  10. Congrats @VnG Kneeled on leader, also congrats @South Dakota and @Nolan on adviser and officer! You guys are all great staff! Now time for bigger better wins!
  11. welcome and good luck
  12. Well done VR....beyond proud of the work VnG put in on the PvM side for this comp! Took other win home!! Great loots, great trips and, one hell of a time with the guys!