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  1. I remember you Aaron, did not know about this at all but interesting to know. It's not my place but I believe you could be trusted as a member again, knowing this you wouldn't be trusted with items though.
  2. Welcome, congrats!
  3. Was soooo much funnn especially the lolz from magic shortbowing kids to the ple ketketketket song to the endless times Ref for 5m talked about getting her ass sucked lollol thanks guys.
  4. Hi there welcome
  5. nice loot guys
  6. Welcome to the forums bro!
  7. 99 hunter ;D
  8. Welcome to the forums bro
  9. Dayuuuumm nice job everyone
  10. Yayyyy glad to see you back brother. You have my reference with flying colors. Can't wait to see ya active again and destroying some noobs like we used to.
  11. also grats brother!
  12. I love the melee cape emotes lol