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Everything posted by Azewl

  1. grabma dick lil bitch
  2. if you want some REAL shit
  3. All discuss this please!! I would really like to have a channel for pets on discord. Sometimes animals can uplift the shittiest moods or the worst days.
  4. A place to share photos of your IRL pets @Ilix
  5. big ol gz!!!
  6. 2k

    big gz
  7. Big GZs incoming for ol' Dunkleton
  8. was so much fun just to see all the fire surges, would have been super effective with more tbs, tangles,& half the team ballista lol
  9. naice bruh
  10. THIS IS KINDA NICE!! @Corvo
  11. That shit combined with Crystal Shield will make an unreal tank versus rangers lol
  12. ??????????????????????????????????????
  13. sik bud
  14. gahhhh this looked like so much fun. sad I missed it
  15. Was pretty sick!
  16. looks like we sent em to lumby