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  1. looks like we sent em to lumby
  2. I've gotten like 8. Definitely want more but being the only income with a 2 year old and my wife going to school it ain't gonna happen soon. Lol
  3. welcome
  4. Guys!!!! that is the last requirement I needed to complete Desert Treasure!! INC Desert Treasure completion and fully quested baby pure!!
  5. Stocked up on these badboys too! lol
  7. woooooooooooooot always avg about 5M a trip myself.
  8. Very helpful & always active in cc. Keep it up man! Welcome
  9. Welcome, like all of us said focus on training and you'll enjoy the outcome!!
  10. Was an amazing trip, overall about 20M profit made.
  11. Welcome buddy! Nice little intro
  12. that bank must be looking good!!
  13. I'll tell ya whut
  14. Tech N9ne, Wiz Khalifa are good Pandora stations, also Kygo is awesome chill music with female vocals.
  15. gzz nice week
  16. gl bro
  17. always fun in VNG!!
  18. Hey bud welcome to the forums
  19. How did you do it? as in what rune rocks did you farm?
  20. Hi Nicole@##@@@@@ I'm Nick. Welcome.
  21. Welcome to the community brother!
  22. Welcome to the forums bro sorry almost spec'd ya out last night.
  23. Sickkk, glad to be a part of it.
  24. RSN? - Tactical Dds Tell us about yourself - Hey! I am formally known as VnG Azewl. Diehard pvper, very active in events & very friendly with other members. I took a couple month break from RS and just got back into the groove. I am currently skilling trying to make money & get over 2k total. Also want high agility so I can use the shortcut for lava dragons & south inside rev cave. =P I am willing to participate in anything I am allowed to and my time permits, I currently work as a mechanic irl and put in 60hrs of blood and sweat every week with Sundays as my only day off. Saturdays I get off at 4pm EST so I would be able to participate in weekend events and possibly some during the week as I get off at 6pm Mon-Fri. I miss the community and the memories I have with this clan and would like to come back! How did you hear about Vanguard? - Used to be in it! How do you aim to take part in Vanguard's community? - By answering any questions & immersing myself into the events, giving feedback on any topics, welcoming new members and such! Do you plan on joining Vanguard? - Yep, once I get fully rebuilt I will be back 100% into the action. Clan history? - Used to be in Vanguard! Before that I was in Immortality, Wilderness Guardians anddd other little friend clans, nothing serious. Screen-shot of you in our discord: (Only required for Community Member) - https://gyazo.com/95db727a65eb59cda9cc32c51415b86c Who are your 2 member referrals? (Only required for Community Member) - Pur3 Str0ng2, Mitch Gate Who are your 2 staff referrals? (Only required for Community Member) -Tomato, Venenatis
  25. Welcome to the community!