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  1. Welcome! We try to have fun here
  2. RIP Maple Leafs was somehow expecting this.
  3. Spyro the Dragon! remake coming soon. Hope its good.
  4. Quick! Before the nerf!!!
  5. Good Luck!
  6. GZ on the win! Looking forward to competing in these!
  7. Sick trip as always, good to be back playing with VNG!
  8. RSN? Starrysenri Tell us about yourself (proper reply required) My name is Alex, Im 23 and I live in Canada. I play a lot of league and OSRS. I'm a former failed intro, gaining stats to intro again. Been living in a different part of Canada away from home so grinding was difficult. Im home now, going to make big efforts to hit level goals. How did you hear about Vanguard? Stevie Screen-shot of you in our discord: Thats me I promise. Who are your 2 refferals? @Stevie is my good friend. @Ekim knows me. Pk with @Weap0nz all the time. How do you aim to take part in Vanguard's community? I've intro'd before, will intro again; as soon as I hit 94 mage. Looking to take part in Events, Wars and PK trips.
  9. Love it! Big kills all around, very active night. Cant wait to hit up a pk with 90+ magic, get fat freezes.
  10. @Ekim@MrBookman @YlKEZ OMG Thank you so much! This is huge motivation to hit that magic requirement. Will be working super hard to impress all.
  11. @Khan @MrBookman@Stevie I've finally done it! Next goal 90+ Magic and 96 range
  12. Sniped myself a kill! Fat L00t!
  13. OSB Pro for me. Never heard of Konduit, might be worth a look at it.
  14. Sad I missed out on the sweet pk