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  1. Nice addition to the banks
  2. Fat loot, Good job everyone
  3. Nice lot, good job vng
  4. Very nice. Great job
  5. Sick gains! Keep it up
  6. High Quality post! Love the formatting. Keep on the grind.
  7. Hi everyone! This is just a general progress post, Ive been making quite a few gains in non-combat skills and long term goals. Firstly I decided to get 80 construction. I feel that this was necessary to improve my PvM and PvP. I spent my whole cash stack on the levels so the house is a little empty right now. This will change after I farm Zulrah more. The second thing Ive been grinding has been the Western Provinces Easy, Medium and Hard Diaries. Elite Void has been a goal for me since I got regular void so long ago. Ive completed Easy and Medium and a little over half of Hard I have some skill requirements to meet still but Im pretty close to reaching my goal levels. - Current level My plan for these three skills will be to mine iron ore in between farming and bird house runs. I feel like that will be the most efficient use of time. Im not worried about this skill its fairly afk, Ardy Knights + movies. This is just Quest locked, I know it wont take long, Ill get to it eventually. Thank you for reading my progress post! Im open to suggestions or tips for training. Stay Strong, Long live VNG!
  8. Vanguard! Ive been lurking away in the darkness, unheard, unseen, but I have achievements to show for it! I have come to say Ive hit Combat level 120 and then 121 quickly after. On my Journey to 121 I hit 99 Strength and while at the EST P2P PK I hit 99 Attack while trying to DDS a noob. I will be rushing to 99 Defense & Ranged next. As my power grows so does VNG's! First 99 ever for me, super pleased with myself. Getting 99 Attack while piling a noob in Rev Caves
  9. PK was sick! Hitting 99 mid fight was hilarious. Keep an eye out for my milestone post
  10. Looks like we made bank, was busy this week
  11. EOS w/ @Stevie
  12. Stop you're making the other futures look bad.
  13. Damn what a smack down. Fast returns all fight! Gf SV, better luck next time.
  14. Damn, a mission indeed. Goodluck!
  15. RIP Maple Leafs was somehow expecting this.