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  1. Was fun clearing them twice.
  2. Hi Mark! Hope to see your app soon. Welcome!
  3. Hello Jon, nice intro. Hope to see you more around, and make sure to apply once ready.
  4. That's huge. Gratz!
  5. Looks sick, Gz!
  6. Looks fun.
  7. Welcome back. Try to stay active this time.
  8. Wish you the patience to get it. GL.
  9. Yes, it's true.
  10. Honestly, if you really want to get best out of your buck, don't buy gaming headsets. Instead buy a good pair of headphones from a top audio company + mic. All of the gaming headsets were trash until hyperx released cloud ll. They are not amazing, but are actually pretty good quality. If you have to decide between these 2, get cloud ll.
  11. Welcome back. Make sure your account is safe this time.
  12. Nice grind, how many rares?
  13. Not bad