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  1. Gratz, but I think you're doing it wrong. The goal is to get to level 99, not opposite.
  2. Thanks for the fight, was fun to get back in arena after several months.
  3. Full bags.
  4. Really nice. Good job.
  5. Gratz
  6. Very lucky. Huge drops.
  7. Nice loots.
  8. Hello
  9. Looks like terrible xp/h. How afk is this method?
  10. Welcome
  11. Hey, welcome
  12. OSRS is having a great and steady growth, but it saddens me that despite that, clan world is declining. RIP Renegades, was fun while it lasted.
  13. What a week. Beasted it
  14. Gratz, you wasted all your bad rng on some slayer task. It's time for you to kill some real bosses.
  15. Good job.
  16. Great gains for the clan.
  17. What am I looking at?
  18. Well done
  19. Nice recap. Banks were filled with juice
  20. Probs around 10. Several pures/ 3 Mains / 1 failed skiller / HCIM. Only few of those on osrs though.
  21. Huge bags. Gz Lucho, glad to see you back.