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Everything posted by HaX

  1. Weekly farm run.
  2. Need bigger looting bags for that kind of slaughter. Good job.
  3. Massive.
  4. Hi
  5. Nice number and good job on the loots.
  6. Gratz.
  7. Welcome
  8. Nice trip. Free loot as usual.
  9. 2k

    Well done.
  10. Good stuff. Gratz.
  11. gz papa
  12. Decent loots.
  13. Congratz
  14. Gratz, but I think you're doing it wrong. The goal is to get to level 99, not opposite.
  15. Thanks for the fight, was fun to get back in arena after several months.
  16. Full bags.
  17. Really nice. Good job.
  18. Gratz
  19. Very lucky. Huge drops.
  20. Nice loots.
  21. Hello
  22. Looks like terrible xp/h. How afk is this method?