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  1. Great pull and great work! This fight allowed for some nice practice and gave me some things I could work on!
  2. Free smoke!
  3. Great action!
  4. Great gains to everyone who participated!
  5. Was fun! Looking forward to Sunday’s trip
  6. Wow that’s amazing!
  7. @QuadSweep I’ve been working on my combat stats, got a few levels all around. Even managed to get 114 combat! Gonna finish grinding out this last level then update my stat and cb pics!
  8. I got it on the Xbox, basically the only other game I’ll play lmao
  9. This sounds like it will be a lot of fun!
  10. Well done everyone!
  11. Vorki incoming
  12. Nice man! Keep it up
  13. Nice boys!
  14. I don’t know forsure, but feel free to add me in game! Maybe we can get some pvm or pvp action in!