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  1. Looks like VnG kicked some ass and made some bank today! Keep up the good work everyone
  2. 65
  3. Good work today everyone! sad I couldn’t make it
  4. Welcome brotha! I’ve seen you around the public cc and in game, it’s good to see this kind of activity! Good luck!
  5. Free smoke
  6. Welcome!
  7. I got 2 hit by the bear 🤧 51 into a 48, still was a great time thanks for hosting! We should try other fun weapons to venture off into the wild with, never know what we will find
  8. Great pull and great work! This fight allowed for some nice practice and gave me some things I could work on!
  9. Free smoke!
  10. Great action!
  11. Great gains to everyone who participated!
  12. Was fun! Looking forward to Sunday’s trip
  13. Wow that’s amazing!
  14. @QuadSweep I’ve been working on my combat stats, got a few levels all around. Even managed to get 114 combat! Gonna finish grinding out this last level then update my stat and cb pics!