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  1. Sup
  2. Takes courage to admit a mistake and apologize in front of everyone. Good on you.
  3. Welcome back bud, keep getting to know people
  4. Free $$$
  5. Welcome to Vanguard forums, get to know some people. VnG cc in game
  6. Good goals to have
  7. Talked to you on ts a bit, welcome brother
  8. Vanguard Forums | Vanguard Discord Courtesy of @oneal3665, we went out on an always fun Bandos mass and made some absolute juice. We stayed for about 2.5hrs and came away with Three Bandos Chestplates and a Bandos Hilt. Taking home roughly 8.6M each for those who were there for all four items. Great job VnG. -Pics-
  9. Welcome to Vanguard forums
  10. Most of you guys know what we do already, I for one am a strict believer in that if you enter the Wilderness, you are at risk to be PKed regardless of what activity you're doing or what clan you're with. Calculated targeting of riskers has made us some serious money over the past few weeks. This is just a taste of some of the loot aquired. Would you also like to see a PK Video? Let me know in the comments. - Pics - Total Gain = 274.6M
  11. This music video is the feels
  12. Vanguard Forums | Vanguard Discord We headed out on a mid-week trip going to the caves of loot, there wasn't any teams or anything of note until the end of the trip when we repossessed some Dragon Claws off of one of the cave dwellers. Special congratz to @Tye for a hell of a kill, and thank you for splitting with the crew who were still going at the end of the trip, much respect. I have to say, it was a great day and very easy gain for the Guard. - Pics -