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  1. hello
  2. Vanguard Forums | Vanguard Discord We caught wind of some scrub anti-pkers headed out to Callisto, so we decided a quick mass would be a good way to give our GMT unit some nice action. We quickly found our targets and smashed them out taking some minor loot and one +1. After a brief sweep of Callisto the boys were hounding me to go to Revs and give it a good Janitorial cleaning. It didn't take long for our scouts to pick up a few masses of randoms hopping around. Turns out that one of those random teams was DK with about 25 open cc kids. We quickly clashed with DK and cleared them out before they started trying to return in rag and one item, but we continued to break them, taking our first ending and claiming our first win. After a few more world hops, DK decided to re-mass and try to hit us (already in rag I might add) but they had already lost numbers and didn't stand a chance, we quickly pushed them out and took our second victory.
  3. so fkn proud of u steve
  4. Banter
  5. gratz pal
  6. Looked like bantz, congrats Adrian
  7. Hey, welcome to the forums, I assure you that if you have the ambition to do right by VnG that you will find VnG to be a great home.
  8. good luck, you'll make bank if you stick with it
  9. hell yh qcumbers
  10. hey pal, welcome back
  11. I don't get it