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  1. his ears worked, if only his brain did too
  2. then why sign up
  3. maybe once you grow a cock and get good
  4. In the midst of our Clue Scroll Competition, we had a Slayer PVE Competition in tandem to bolster clue scroll drop potential, quite a few people came out to make the gains. Off the top, we had @boostedchimp in first place with 3.9 EHP, followed by @Cody on his Iron, VonoV, coming in second with 3.2 EHP, and rounding out the top 3 coming in third was @adz1571 with 2.2 EHP. Great work everyone. @boostedchimp 3.9 @Cody 3.2 @adz1571 2.2 @dc4abi13 2.0 @Basshunter 1.9 @Anubis 1.6 @Steve 1.5 @Aldo Apache8 1.4 @Harry 1.3 @kirkpatsky 1.1 @O G Piggy 1.08 @Blackinise 1.0 @Alexa 1.0 @Pur3 Str0ng2 1.0 @Kerr @NvrPurple @Dunkz @Baker X @Elf @Tye YOU DID NOT RECEIVE MINIMUM EHP AND SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES, SCRUBS.
  5. With the release of WoW Classic, PVP has been a bit slow this week. Regardless, we still headed out at various times throughout the week, getting some great loot in the process. We cleared a few clans, smited a few +1s, and walked away with our banks being just a bit bigger. Once this WoW hype dies down, our recaps will look a little bit better, but in the mean time, enjoy. Great work to my Vanguardians who are holding down the RuneScape home front.
  6. We went super hard the last few days, glad we pulled the Dub, great work team
  7. Any kind of crazy talk or conspiracy and they’ll oust you immediately
  8. Wednesday We headed out on a Mid-Week PK Trip looking for a fight. We didn't find much in terms of other clans, but we smoked out the free loot roaming around deep and the caves. We did scrap with Skulled Revs a few times, clearing them up and taking loot before calling it a night. Friday We set out on a loot based trip, looking to make some money, we quickly found such a case out deep, taking some random mysticers for loot. The real treat is when Anonymous Community logged into us on New Gate Hill, we began fighting and roughly 10 minutes later, we wiped them and hit the bank. They then asked us for a rematch in the bank, which we accepted, and tele'd back up. We caught them teleporting up and we began fighting once again, after about 10 minutes we cleared them initially and we headed back to GDZ to loot up when they started trying to mass return - We mopped them up in about another 10 minutes before taking our second ending. We hit the bank after, which we found out they ended. Thanks for the clean scraps AC. After sweeping AC out, we decided to hit the caves where we just free roamed and grazed off loot and cleared up Skulled Revs and Wilderness Guardians a couple times before calling it a trip and ending. Great work Vanguardians.
  9. G
  10. Id like to get excited, but Disney has butchered almost every Star Wars movie they've worked on, so expectations are low.
  11. Look at all those plankers
  12. We headed out on a smol man PK trip, cleared out SR a few times, but nothing too eventful. Plenty of money made though, great work Vanguardians.
  13. We thought tonight would be a good time for a PK Trip seeing as we had many eager lads online. We massed up the squad and hit the caves looking for anyone and anything that could potentially put up a fight. After hopping around for about 30 minutes or so, we finally found Resurgence fighting a random main clan, and proceeded to obliterate their melee pile with Barrage and Chins before cleaning up what stragglers we could find that hadn't tele'd out. After our first hit, we found a yellow cape ballista clan, what appears to be the remnants of DK & Ibliys calling themselves AS, which we proceeded to gwas and clear 4 times before having a quick scrap with Resurgence in the middle of the caves. Our numbers and skill quickly overwhelmed them and we cleaned them up and took ending. We proceeded to sweep for a couple hours and found AS again eventually ending their trip. After everything was said and done, we tele'd done with our multi-millions and called it a night. Great job Vanguardians!