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  1. I didn't know this was a package deal, seals died.
  2. hey

    Still alive in my heart, Welcome to the dead clan refugee camp.
  3. Hey welcome to Vanguard Forums
  4. Accepted as Future - Mentor: Yours Truly
  5. Reffed if it wasn't obvious enough
  6. The Process through Vanguard is a simple but effective one, with the purpose being to fully immerse potential recruits within our community for a truly unique experience found nowhere else within the the RuneScape community. TeamSpeak and Discord are invaluable tools for your experience within Vanguard and it is highly recommended that you get them as soon as possible. Below, the process to becoming a full-fledged member of Vanguard will be outlined. Step 1: Post a Community Introduction & Idle in Our Clan Chat and Discord Server If you're reading this, you're already on your way to joining Vanguard's one of a kind community. Posting a Community Introduction will allow the members of Vanguard to get to know you and your interests within the game and a little about you as a person. This, combined with chatting in our Discord Server and our in-game Clan Chat will help you get to know the members of Vanguard which will serve as invaluable for the next phase in joining Vanguard. Step 2: Posting a Trial Member Application & Vanguard Futures The next step brings you into Vanguard as an official part of the clan, which is a Trial Member application. This is where the people you meet within Vanguard will be crucial, as becoming a Trial Member requires 2 Member vouches who must post on your application confirming they vouch for you. This can be done by simply asking Members that you have met to vouch for you by pming them or just asking in the Clan Chat or Discord. Once you have your Vouches in order, follow the template pinned within the Trial Member applications section of the forums and post your application. The more effort the better. Once your application is processed, you will begin the next phase of your journey within Vanguard. Alternatively, if you are under the requirements to join as a Vanguard Trial Member, the Vanguard Futures program may be a better fit for you. Vanguard Futures is for people who don't meet our requirements but who are very active and are willing to push themselves to get better for the benefit of Vanguard. Futures require Vouches and a certain tier of requirements similar to Trial Member, however, Futures have a level cap. Futures skip the Trial Member phase and remain Futures until they achieve requirements to become Full Members, in which time they will be allowed to apply for Full Member directly. Step 3: Progress Trackers & Mentors Once you are accepted into Vanguard Futures or as a Trial Member of Vanguard, you will be assigned a Mentor who is a staff member of the clan to guide you through your journey into Full Membership. This Mentor will be your go-to for any and all questions you may have for Vanguard. With your Mentor you will have a Progress Tracker designed to monitor your activity and gains through your time in Vanguard. It is of key importance to keep this tracker updated regularly as an inactive tracker means Vanguard's Senior Members will be unlikely to vote yes on your full member application. Good Luck and Welcome to Vanguard!
  7. sik

    Gratz Napkins
  8. Hey, welcome
  9. Welcome
  10. Reffed, good luck
  11. Hbd Xu
  12. We headed out on a small man PK, not really a whole lot to talk about, killed PVMers and whatever other PKers we could find. Great job Vanguardians. -Pics-