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  1. Dunkle special
  2. Read your pm on discord.
  3. This is the introduction forum, not the community application forum, welcome.
  4. Steve massive owner <3
  5. Welcome to Vanguard forums.
  6. Genesis Knights holy fuck, welcome to Vanguard Forums, any friend of Slice is a friend of mine
  7. congratz on the gains
  8. Welcome, I've already heard some interesting things about you.
  9. Vanguard Forums | Vanguard Discord Video: Arroz the Brazilian Clan approached us for a F2P CWA battle, we accepted and rolled up with about 25 in-game and cut down to about 20. We started off strong and never looked back and took a 3-0 Victory. Thanks for the battle Arroz, great job Vanguardians! Round 1 Ending: Round 2 Ending: Round 3 Ending:
  10. Vanguard Forums | Vanguard Discord We headed out on Saturday evening to have a Smol. Not much to tell, we ran the Caves uncontested for about 3 hrs and made bank. Not really any notable smites, but plenty of juicy Mystic and PVM kills, nicely done gang. - Pics -
  11. Very nice intro, Fire Forte seems like a good lad, welcome to Vanguard
  12. Gratz again =]
  13. Hello Ben