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  1. Vanguard Forums | Vanguard Discord Video: Arroz the Brazilian Clan approached us for a F2P CWA battle, we accepted and rolled up with about 25 in-game and cut down to about 20. We started off strong and never looked back and took a 3-0 Victory. Thanks for the battle Arroz, great job Vanguardians! Round 1 Ending: Round 2 Ending: Round 3 Ending:
  2. gratz
  3. Vanguard Forums | Vanguard Discord We headed out on Saturday evening to have a Smol. Not much to tell, we ran the Caves uncontested for about 3 hrs and made bank. Not really any notable smites, but plenty of juicy Mystic and PVM kills, nicely done gang. - Pics -
  4. Genesis Knights holy fuck, welcome to Vanguard Forums, any friend of Slice is a friend of mine
  5. congratz on the gains
  6. Welcome, I've already heard some interesting things about you.
  7. Very nice intro, Fire Forte seems like a good lad, welcome to Vanguard
  8. Gratz again =]
  9. Hello Ben
  10. Nice loot
  11. Gratz
  12. huge own
  13. Nice, yeah the global drop table is broken
  14. Make em and Post em, just be civil about it.
  15. wow, what an owner
  16. very nice, it isn't hard is it?
  17. nicely done
  18. Im getting work done on my arm soon, a bear with cloverleaves and a back drop of Bray, Ireland where my family is originally from, it'll be a multi session piece but Im looking forward to it
  19. gratz
  20. welcome
  21. gratz buddy =]
  22. app

    This is the wrong spot for this, the reason you cannot post in the Trial Member forum is that it requires 20 post count on our forums in total. Either way, you could do with much more effort on you application, first impressions are important, remember that.
  23. Tokyo Ghoul, Sword Art and Fairy Tail are 3 of my all time favorites, but I love plenty of others.