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  1. gz virg
  2. Think cody is doing a bracket challenge with cash
  3. you're an idiot
  4. K
  5. Gratz buddy
  6. - Videos - @Mike @Dunkz - Starting - We approached 420 Pkers for a fight since they have been hot on the block for about a week or so, originally we were supposed to do F2P and P2P, but 420 opted out of F2P. Not wanting to waste the prep we decided to just skip to P2P, after comparing options at Single Strip, we sent 420 to defend in the Rune Fountain and then we rushed in. We took control very quickly, taking a ZGS, Karils Top and Seers Ring off our first pile and only snowballed from there losing maybe 1-2 people before clearing up 420 in ~6 Minutes time and taking ending. Thanks for the battle guys, looking forward to another one in the future potentially. Great job Vanguardians! Shout out to @Harry for taking 8 Godsword specs and living to tell the tale lmfao. - Pics -
  7. I
  8. Not the best I've every fought, but certainly not the worst, gf.
  9. Gz bud
  10. H
  11. E
  12. good luck buddy
  13. gratz buddy
  14. Hell ye brother!
  15. Nice goal to have, honestly it's better to do things at your own pace, good luck
  16. Too many text channels already
  17. No clue
  18. sounded like people were having a great time, nice event lads
  19. massive own
  20. Gratz!
  21. Pretty much this, like Slayer is a grind for me even though I love the skill, it burns me out quick, so in between levels from 92 - 97 I've maxed a buyable or something like that with the profit I've gained from slayer