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  1. what was your rs name in those clans back in day just curious if we ever crossed paths cause i was in few of those probably around same time period.
  2. is acc original name Popeye?
  3. was fun made 7.3m from kills and loot
  4. looked juicy sad i missed it but tonight was ranking night in my league we tied for 2nd so almost locked in to win shit ton of money outta my bowling league
  5. was fun
  6. probably want do something a bit more.
  7. was alot of fun tbh hadn't done it in ages.
  8. its still safer than driving by large margin.
  9. was fun
  10. looked fun mad i missed it had to go to league for bowling
  11. was fun
  12. noob
  13. No.
  14. looked fun was at work