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  1. English.*
  2. Welcome, remember if you have any questions about joining or anything, let me know on discord.
  3. Welcome back dude. if have any questions about joining, message me on discord.
  4. Freelo
  5. What Mike said, if you have any questions, add me on Discord @Dunkz#9147 also join our discord if you haven't already. https://discordapp.com/invite/vg3eSPV
  6. str8 l0opS
  7. Welcome dude. If your thinking about apping, I can help you out just DM me on Discord @Dunkz#9147
  8. Since I recently achieved Max Melees, I thought that I should make one of these goal posts My Goals: 1956/2000 Total 97/99 Cooking (Bought) 68/77 Runecrafting (Fremenikk Elite Diary for Boots) 83/84 Construction (Full Portal Nexus) 82/85 Fletching (Bought) Current Stats: Achievement Diary: If you have any goals for me leave them below!
  9. Welcome. If you plan on applying for Trial Member, remember that we're an everything clan, meaning you have to participate in PvP,PvM, and PvE and be active is mainly the EST timezone. If have any questions, please contact me on discord like you have been.