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  1. @David ty
  2. Today we had another one of our sweet spur trips. We just sweeped uncontestedly for 1 hour due to our Inner PvM Comp. (Which is very fun btw) (Go Comeback KINGS BTW). Thanks for coming all! -Loot- Gwas. Join us Today
  3. Credit: @Pur3 Str0ng2
  4. Gratz dude. Big things
  5. Again, wrong place. ur trolling right
  6. hello there
  7. nice
  8. killer
  9. Nice Intro! Welcome fella. My DMs are open if you have any questions or concerns. My Discord: Dunkz#9147 VnG Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/vg3eSPV
  10. nice gains