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  1. When I get my dwh back I’m 100% in gimme a week or 2 and I’m down
  2. Difficult one but..... Kingdom hearts and jak and dexter ruled my childhood following into a more open roam game i fell in love with the fable and fallout games. Finally, hearthstone CS:GO, runescape (although it's supposed to be excluded) and fortnite currently rule my life
  3. I gained 3 levels during this competition and was told it would be tracked automatically, am i receiving a strike for not posting Fishing level pics? There is no way i didn't reach at least 1 EHP when i gained 3 fishing levels during this competition.
  4. gimme gimme, my signature now!
  5. THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING p.s. 100% stealing this, thx thx
  6. is there a warlord application? i know I've only just joined but i feel that i can compete well enough to hopefully acquire this spot! thank you for your consideration! looking forward to progressing in the clan and as a clan
  7. i'd do mm2 asap for the range/mage exp/hr! Maniacal monkeys are op! got my mage up that way and was crazy fast.... but very expensive.
  8. Still super salty i passed this trip up man feelsbad. GRATZ on the ely though! feelsamazingman
  9. being that i don't know your current cash stack i would recommend revs with a whip/dscimmy (whatever you can afford) and until you can kill with a blowpipe, then build with a blowpipe until you have enough money for vorki gear and let vorki get you to raids with pretty decent gear. Raids with some friends and even as a solo are a lot of fun and when you get a drop is great money. Not to mention going dry is just a time kill since the raid should pay for your supplies (once you learn what you're doing) Goodluck!
  10. skilling without a doubt is the runecrafting pet but i will never have the mindset to grind that out bossing has to be vorki atm, gimme gimme jamflex
  11. that moment you find someone trading in emblems and kill him and no one realizes what he was doing gratz on the 20m (you can buy emblems on GE and trade them in for profit, guessing that was what this guy was doing)
  12. was a hell of alot of fun, sorry i had to dip so early but i found that last team! feelsgoodman
  13. lots of plus ones on both pkers and pvmers in revs, saw a world with 3 elders and 2 godswords, we need macing trips at this time!
  14. This shit was EZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ great work VNG! lets keep on moving up the ladder!
  15. Currently making a max gas zerk so no real alt yet but it’ll get there really soon