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  1. Even things like the database are years out of date and need sorting to be honest.
  2. Pretty much but this has been around for a lot longer, it's a copy of the old zybez fansite from 2007 remade for OSRS in 2013 but it was never maintained. He's looking to get it back up to date since there's a lot of traffic hitting the site. You don't really need web design experience, I had none when I started.
  3. W13's OSRS retro looking site (2007rshelp.com) is still getting a pretty large amount of traffic despite being completely outdated and unmaintained for years now. If anyone is interested in helping develop the site hit him up: https://runescapecommunity.com/showthread.php?tid=13&pid=565#pid565 It's mostly guide writing (Skills, quests, misc) and database management (Items, NPCs, Locations etc). I figured I'd post on here since there's a lot of you who know far too much about Runescape than I ever thought possible. Even if you don't want to help develop the site you can always submit a guide or something along those lines and have it on there.
  4. Congratulations on the baby, welcome.
  6. Salty but correct is the best kind of correct.
  7. Pizza for sure, burgers don't come close.
  8. I feel like with 343's track record every halo game from them is going to be the biggest pile of garbage the gaming scene has ever had the displeasure of playing. so L.
  9. coming in hot with the fishing vote
  10. Pop Punk, Post Hardcore and Emo.
  11. People who argue with me about things I know more about.
  12. and then I went back to work
  13. what in the fuck...
  14. sucks to suck my guy.
  15. Ayy it you