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  1. dude frickin rip i loved him
  2. also add 18b to that cash pile and that was my bank when i got banned few days ago. wrongfully accused of rwt for xferring 12b to my noob. if anyone knows of any jmods that i can talk to id appreciate it. in other news ill be back soon enough e: had a shit ton of ely, tbow stakes, and 1-2b stakes that i cba posting
  3. i feel smarter now
  4. hello
  5. i had no luck pvmin this week lol but good job guys
  6. good job everyone. but 125 unit represent
  7. not last place lets go
  8. grats man
  9. goddam i fukin fell asleep
  10. 89

    grats noob
  11. 2 man ely. second sigil in my name