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  1. Pretty stoked for the new xpac...if anyone plays we should link up and run some stuff..
  2. Wassup man! Don’t know you but welcome back :-)
  3. Thanks gents..was fun!
  4. God damn..Good luck on the ban
  5. We fought well. Good job by all
  6. Grats man!!
  7. Good shit ...grats
  8. I think where we fought also had a factor. I would get blitzed and not be able to range, then lose track of our pile. We fought well, let’s learn from this and move on. Good job by all.
  9. That's badass man.. Guild wars 2 did something like that and it worked out great.
  10. Good job men
  11. Yeah I guess, never played rs3 lol:)
  12. 5 kills 1 death 2 bank trips...we fought to win last night...good job by all
  13. Grats man
  14. hey man welcome
  15. grats mate