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  1. Big loot
  2. Great work everyone. Hope I am able to participate in the next one.
  3. Apparently the screening process is called "voir dire" where you can say crazy shit to get kicked out, but it's unclear if this process also exists for Grand Jury selection (might be unique to trial jury), in which case I am screwed. Arguing financial hardship does work (but I will have a tough time with this one). I might have to hit up a doctor and get some medical note. In any case, turns out your given 1 free postponement 2 to 6 months from your current date. So I just postponed it to December (Xmas week). Hopefully courts less busy then, and they let me off quick. So I've procrastinated this away till December. 3 1/2 months to come up with a solid plan of action.
  4. Came back from a 2 week vacation and got mailed summons while I was away. "You are summoned to serve as a Grand Juror in *** County. Please report to XXX on Monday, September 9, 2019 at 2:00 PM. Jury service may be for 4 weeks or longer." Anyone ever been summoned for Grand Jury, and know how to get out of it? Online accounts are this can last 4 weeks+ which is very disheartening considering you get paid less than minimum wage. Grand Jury also appears to be harder to get out of it, simplistic "I believe everyone that police arrests is a criminal" impartiality responses may not cut it. The best bet seems to try to go for the Jury Nullification angle, but I'm not sure if the judge will ask me the question if I agree to abide by the law. The next best thing seems to be act like a mentally deranged or retarded person and question everything. This is for New York State, but I assume it works similarly in other states.
  5. Looked easy
  6. Don’t think option C is safe. I’ll go with option D.
  7. oops I typed out colon. ty for fight OR
  8. Good work fire and pur3. It was a struggle to reach 1 EHP, not sure how I ever maxed.
  9. Looks legit. Why do people do anything?
  10. Went to go get water and PRG got cleared.
  11. Fun scraps.
  12. What client is that?
  13. 73

    Do you do birthday parties?