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  1. ye that would be much better but nothing beats WOTLK
  2. im more excited to see what battle for azeroth will be like, wow was not that great back in vanilla
  3. full screen tho
  4. great fight was loads of fun and we showed what we can do, good effort everyone
  5. I'd do some sick ass dparty for all of vng
  6. 8 ofc
  7. Jesus, you make it look so easy. I tend to stay away from the sand casino just due to the fact i'm about 2B down there.
  8. This competition was great fun, even as a non skiller in the short time I spent fishing. Nice gains all. I cant wait until mobile so I can up my gains on these comps
  9. ez 5 but fk pokemon, replace that with RS
  10. hahahaha that is defo robbi
  11. defo 4
  12. Damn, GJ guys, looks like it was an awesome trip. Wish i could've made it.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion, i will definitely start doing these as soon as i get 72 farming, i haven't bothered with any other fruit trees yet just because I hate doing farm runs (so tedious) but I cant ignore 12k farming exp at that cost.