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  1. They say "nothing comes for free these days" That's not the case when it comes to +1s
  2. Nice man, Gz on the dex
  3. ty for the free sets yesterday :'D welcome man
  4. another stupidly easy fight for vng
  5. Good Job VR you bunch of B A B O O N S!
  6. I would say GF VR, But it wasn't really a good fight, U GOT SMOKED!
  7. was the most fun ive had pking in a long time, may there be many more trips like this.
  8. I love a good old PVM comp, thanks for setting this up @VnG Kneeled and good job to everyone who gained points for the clan
  9. Welcome to the forums hope you enjoy it here.
  10. Refferino'd, good lad, its about time.
  11. About bloody time my friend, you are always active whenever you are on and always looking to take part in small man trips or random pvm events. Keep it up Mad Max943