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  1. oh btw i beat you... 4kc
  2. GZ! you should start doing ardy with summer pies
  3. Wow, good job guys looked like it really kicked off after I left last night. looks like SV got smacked. Lets keep up the good work
  4. solid 5th, i'll take it
  5. some of these are amazing! literally LMAO reading this thread
  6. welcome dude
  7. Welcome
  8. cant beat a good old burger
  9. SMITHINGGGGGGGGGGG! lets gooooo @@@@@@ mass up and get HYPED!!!!!@@!@!@!@!@
  10. when people plank at pillars on verzik @GarLock
  11. E. F. I Tag @Dunkz for G/H
  12. 6th is not bad considering I was BALANCING PvM and agility
  13. @Raji
  14. b