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  1. how many accounts do you have and what types are they? i got 1 main , 1 60 att 1 def pure, and a 1 att obby mauler.
  2. welcome welcome
  3. save some money refund those players and donate to the clan possibly might mend those ties.
  4. 200m a week lmao bro who got that type of cash to waste on a game spying on clans... jesus. As if we were doing top secret things here.
  5. honestly i cant stand fortnite cartoon shooter is so dumb. but wont be surprised if they get sued and lose.
  6. rip in pepperoni
  7. most def did pk together for 2 years , I changed my name to "zeroxxx" (hidden for account security)because of you from my original name. you scammed me of a red phat. lets not play games. Doesn't look like you have matured over the years..Wouldn't suggest coming here with your toxic energy , its not needed here.
  8. so hard to read on small iphone lol
  9. i pk alot and also join clan chat with it on occasion.
  10. ty guys. im going to try and show face as much as i can.
  11. appreciate it man, i usually just hang in the cc dont talk as much as i would like. Ill try to get more involved in conversations lol.
  12. welcome! Do you plan on joining Vanguard? -Does a bear shit in the woods Some bears shit outside of the woods