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  1. how many accounts do you have and what types are they? i got 1 main , 1 60 att 1 def pure, and a 1 att obby mauler.
  2. save some money refund those players and donate to the clan possibly might mend those ties.
  3. 200m a week lmao bro who got that type of cash to waste on a game spying on clans... jesus. As if we were doing top secret things here.
  4. honestly i cant stand fortnite cartoon shooter is so dumb. but wont be surprised if they get sued and lose.
  5. rip in pepperoni
  6. so hard to read on small iphone lol
  7. overall yes, but what i noticed clans have changed with the times.
  8. just checking in, hope everyone is doing well! ill be hoping on rs from time to time please say hey! Also when things slow down may, MAY attempt to rejoin .
  9. ill eat the pizza anyday even if im lactose to keep starwars
  10. that first one is cool if you were to put more time and what not into it could be cool
  11. im picking 19