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  1. ill eat the pizza anyday even if im lactose to keep starwars
  2. that first one is cool if you were to put more time and what not into it could be cool
  3. im picking 19
  4. ok this is a hardone you can only pick one number. 19 and or 20 and
  5. 18 easy haven't had smirnof since i was 16
  6. what is this ? lol
  7. only pet i want is KQ and racoon
  8. 1. Reign of Terror - wish they focused the man power into helping the pking and clan world rather than drama 2. Future Of Old Style - great team 3. Divine Forces / Cutthroat / Damage Inc - Fight it out in CWA. Ignore the current issues going on and do your own thing. ----------------------- 4/5/6. Vanguard green 4/5/6. Violent Resolution - great history and great clanning but lacking something. 6/7/8. Play Dead / Revenant / Chivalry Legions - really need to push and make some strives in recruitment and quality. 9.-The rising- not my favorite bunch, but a great clan. 10. Divine Kings - heard good things. 16. Wilderness Guardians - kinda a cringy clan, but have the history and knowledge of the game. ------ RECYCLE BIN Jaja - absolute trash since they 1 item and dont risk. wont even rank.
  9. Can someone make me a signature?
  10. best of luck
  11. `ello
  12. thats wild you got banned! tweet them i know a few j mods personally ill make a few calls and see what i can do. @sco going to need both account names and location of where you live atleast the state (which i believe is Brooklyn?) and value of trade/ time of trade.
  13. 7 cuz the music is way better