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  1. go sharks
  2. decent game
  3. nice vid stevie, i was in fear
  4. nah i prefer pvp over slayer lol
  5. nice, looked fun
  6. looks fun
  7. california bro
  8. Hi there, I heard good things about this clan from my friend stoned elf, I also know Brendan time, we all used to be in a pvm clan. Im always active on rs, my goals right now is getting 2k total level and learning to raid. Im currently clanless and looking to join a new clan. Ive been playing runescape off and on since 2004 and i joined my first clan in 2005, i have alot of experience in clans and pvp is my favorite thing to do besides slayer on runescape. Hopefully everything goes great and I end up joining eventually!