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The Application Process

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This process is separated into three different parts:

Step 1: Post a trial member application here: Apply for Trial Member

Step 2: Complete the Trial Application Process (minimum 4 weeks maximum 6 weeks)

Step 3: Apply for full member

Below, will be a detailed summary of what we expect and what you should expect when joining Vanguard.



Step 1: Posting a trial member application

- In order to post a trial member application you must first meet the requirements of the clan. 
- After making sure you can apply, you may post your application. Ensure you apply for one of the path mentioned.

- You are required to apply for a minimum of 1 path but we strongly advise you taking part in multiple.
- After posting your application please give up to 48-72 hours for a Clan Official to review your application and accept or decline the application. 
- After being accepted you will move onto the next step. 


Step 2: Complete the Trial Application Process

- After being accepted as a Trial Member, you will be assigned a Mentor from the clan and required to complete the Trial Application process. 
- During this process you will be judged on your activity on forums, TeamSpeak, events, and throughout the community. 
You will have a minimum of 4 weeks to complete your Trial Process Application, with a maximum of 6 weeks. If you do not complete your trial process within that time frame you are subject to removal from the clan. 
- Once you have been a trial member for a minimum of 4 weeks, and you reach all of the requirements for full member you will be invited to join Vanguard as a full member. If you were not able to reach the goals set for you in 6 weeks, you may ask for an extension. Be warned, most extensions are declined.


Step 3: Apply for Full Member

- Once you have been invited to join Vanguard you will be able to post a full member application, once this application is posted your application will sit for 3 days to allow for our Senior members and above to vote on the application. You must achieve an 75% "yes" vote  in order to be accepted as Full Member. If you do not succeed in achieving a 75% vote you will remain as trial member for a minimum of 2 weeks to adjust the issues that caused the "No" votes. After this 2 weeks period you may resubmit a hopefully improved members application and re-enter the voting phase. If you do not manage to fix the problems occurring a second time and fail voting again you will be removed from the clan, and have to restart the Trial process.

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